Raising Capital

With Smart Investments you have a smarter way to raise capital for start-ups and scale-ups, property deals and projects of all sizes. Whether you urgently need to accelerate growth or are looking for long-term sustainability, have been offered an unbeatable opportunity or are planning a series of projects, we can help. With our bespoke support you can exploit the advantages you already have, identify areas where you excel and unlock potential you may never have considered.

We will:

  • Help prepare a robust Business Plan.
  • Build an investor deck which is geared to peak interest.
  • Coach your Management Team to prepare for investor meetings.
  • Raise capital for start-up or scale-ups.
  • Provide ongoing consultancy and sales and marketing services support.

Success with previous business growth clients:

  • Bounty – increased multiplier (£15m to £45m) and now valued at c. £60m.
  • ABS: increased exit value from £1m to £15m in 24 months.

We can also work with your senior leaders to devise a strategic plan for new business opportunities that are both valuable and viable so you can be confident of success. Valuable, because investors believe in the returns you expect, and viable because you have enough funding in place. Smart Investment’s co-founder Simon Warman-Freed’s Board Advisory experience, especially at Ernst & Young, has seen him help more than 250 boards raise capital, accelerate growth and identify exit opportunities.