Privilege Trading Partnerships

Our community of like-minded members work with us as individuals, in small syndicates or both, and have made exceptional gains on the US markets.

Minimum investment: For individuals working with us one to one = £500,000. For small syndicates = £500,000 between the members.

Examples of Investment Returns

  • One member’s account doubled to almost $3m in 12 months.
  • Our target is to increase account value by up to 54% per annum.
  • We have rarely missed and frequently exceed this rate of return.
  • Every £1 invested by our members so far has doubled within a year.
  • Even our smallest clubs, where members invest just £100 per month, have met this level of performance.

To date no one has chosen to leave our community or withdraw any funds although there is no penalty for doing so. Most members have instead added to their investments.

How Our Members Achieve These Results

Their spectacular gains have often come through four channels. Our members:

  1. get paid to buy shares – through “put options” paying a premium on a promise to buy specific shares.
  2. are paid to own shares. When our members own shares, they get the dividends that any other shareholder receives.
  3. enjoy price appreciation, selling shares at higher prices than they paid.
  4. get paid to sell shares – through “covered call options” paying a premium.

These are just a few of the more than 20 trade types that our members use.

What Makes Us Different

  • A membership organisation intent on helping our members deliver excellent returns on stocks and options trading: we help them target monthly trading gains that compound and grow wealth exponentially.
  • Members can benefit from the full range of trade types and real trading agility, accessing trades that managers of large funds cannot reach because they can often only buy stocks and hold them for long periods.
  • Our members have their own bank, currency and trading accounts over which they retain absolute control. We do not have access to their accounts, do not take deposits and cannot withdraw funds.


We take the trust of our members extremely seriously. We:

  • encourage anyone looking to join us to become part of a WhatsApp group of members and ask questions of any individual or group.
  • constantly communicate with members both formally, with statements and dashboards, and informally through news, tips, education sessions and more.
  • hold formal Board-style progress review and strategy meetings with account holders each month via Zoom.
  • give every member our direct contact details. We are happy to answer any questions absolutely openly and directly, and meet whenever members wish.

Accessing your funds: most trades that our members undertake are of three months or more in duration so we ask for one quarter’s notice before funds are withdrawn.

Our 150-strong community is growing rapidly. Many partners join one of our smaller clubs to get to know and trust us and to see the returns for themselves before making larger investments.